Watercolour workshop

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Autumn Treescapes in Watercolour!

Seasonal workshop 10 - 4 with choice of dates:
Wed 22nd November - FULL, WAITING LIST ONLY
Sat 2nd December - FULL, WAITING LIST ONLY
£58, bring your own materials
The Print Shed, HR2 9JD

Bring together memories and experiences to create evocative autumn treescapes.  The workshop explores colour mixing to weave a tapestry of rich autumn colours, and equivalents in paint to capture the musky, damp scents of autumn, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the creeks and groans of the canopy overhead. An opportunity to step out into the unknown with your paints!

The workshop is designed for people with some experience of watercolour, but feel free to discuss this further with Richard.

More info from Richard:
07792 298271

Bookings via Jill Barneby:
07796 673123